Understanding VIM


This topic is about VIM, This is one of the text editor tool which is commonly used by a system administrator.

VIM is the very important tool for a system administrator. Because, In Linux systems most of the things stored as text file.

               VIM – Vi Improved

If you have not worked on VIM editor earlier, You should know few things.

Command Mode – For typing commands

Insert Mode – For typing text

When you’re opening a vim editor, it will enter into command mode by default. To get the insert mode, you’ve to type a,i,o or insert key from the keyboard. After entering text you to go back to the command mode by pressing Esc key. Then press :wq! (save & quit) to save the text file.

a – Append

i & insert key – Insert the text

o – Open a new line

w – Write

q – Quit



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