How to use man pages?


In this article, we’ve given a quick overview about man pages.

A biggest challenge to people who wants to learn Linux, How to find the right commands. On Red Hat servers, there’re around 2000 commands are available. So you need to do something to find out the right command.

To do the same, we have to use the command man.

Most of the Linux commands are documented in man pages. Really you don’t know which command I need to use, Don’t worry about it. Please use below command to search a keywords.

man -k <keyword>

For example, To want to set a date on your server. Use,

man -k date

date                 (1)  - print or set the system date and time
date                 (1p)  - write the date and time
ddate                (1)  - converts Gregorian dates to Discordian dates

You will get a huge list of commands after searching keyword. To find out the exact one, You have to know about the man page sections. To do the same, please use below command.

man man-pages

You have to concentrate about section 1, 5 & 8.

1 Commands (Programs)
 Those commands that can be executed by the user from within a shell.

5 File formats and conventions
 The format for /etc/passwd and other human-readable files.

8 System management commands
 Commands like mount(8), many of which only root can execute.


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