Dell Remote Access Configuration (iDRAC) Procedure


In this article, we have given a overview about the iDRAC configuration utility.

To configure your system to use an iDRAC6, use the iDRAC6 Configuration Utility.

To run the iDRAC6 Configuration Utility:

  1. Turn on or restart your system.
  2. Press <Ctrl><E> when prompted during POST.


If your operating system begins to load before you press <Ctrl><E>, allow the system to finish booting, and then restart your system and try again.


Configure the LOM:

  • Use the arrow keys to select LAN Parameters and press <Enter>. NIC Selection is displayed.
  • Use the arrow keys to select the following NIC mode: Dedicated
  • Configure the network controller LAN parameters to use a Static IP address source.
  • Using the down-arrow key, select LAN Parameters, and press <Enter>.
  • Using the up-arrow and down-arrow keys, select IP Address Source.
  • Using the right-arrow and left-arrow keys, select Static.
  • Configure the Ethernet IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway settings
  • Press <Esc>
  • Select Save Changes and Exit.



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