Configuring the iDRAC properties using the LCD panel


In this article, we have given the procedure to configure the iDRAC properties using the LCD panel.

LCD Front Panel Navigation Menu:

  • The left arrow “<”moves the cursor back in one-step increments.
  • The select button “✓” selects the currently highlighted menu item.
  • The right arrow “>” moves the cursor forward in one-step increments.


iDRAC Setup Procedure:

Navigate from the Home screen to the Setup screen and then to the Static IP tab:

1. Press the Select button, navigate to Static IP and then enter the IP address,

Home > Setup ->iDRAC -> DHCP | Static IP -> IP: [IP Address]

2. After the IP configuration, from the same screen you can configure subnet mask and gateway by navigating to and selecting the >> symbol,

Home > Setup > IDRAC > Static IP – >Sub: [Subnet]

Home > Setup > IDRAC > Static IP – >Gtw: [Gateway]

3. Select NO when asked to setup DNS,

Home > Setup > IDRAC > Static IP -> DNS : Yes | No

4. Select Yes when prompted to save your changes.

5. Navigate all the way to the left to select the symbol, to return to the Home screen.

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